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  • Our world is rapidly changing.

    How can we help our children keep up?

    The time to begin preparing children for the challenges and demands of the future is when they are young.

  • Twenty-first-century skills are a hot topic in education today; some even call them the new building blocks for learning.

    Our children will need to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape, and at the same time be able to collaborate with others from all over the world. Creativity and innovation will be highly prized, both for developing technology and new media, and for solving challenges with more limited resources.

    So how do we prepare our children for the jobs of the future?

  • Preparing kids with 21st century skills

    MiniMe is the 21st Century early learning , offering the highest level of educational opportunities for children ages Eighteen Weeks to five years of age. The premier programs include Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs, Kindergarten and Advanced and Pre-Kindergarten Programs

  • Mini Me follows a student centred learning model where the educational process is based on the students .

    Unlike the traditional education model where a teacher lectures from the front of the classroom, Child centered learning is focused around inspiring students to take charge of their own learning.


    At Mini Me we aspire to give your child the attention they deserve. What sets us apart is our knowledge in not just teaching pre schoolers but training youngsters at primary & secondary education levels to continue to excel. This understanding of future expectation at schools helps us prepare our Mini Me for the challenges that lie ahead.

    One teacher for three children

    Children will then be able to receive the support they need through out the class.


    Engaging curriculum thoughtfully engineered to encourage innovation, collaboration and imagination

    The 21c-STEAM Ahead approach addresses key components of learning that parents, educators, and employers have deemed crucial for children to thrive once they enter the 21st century workforce.

    Personalized learning for reading, math & communication

    Each child will be provided with a 1 hour private learning class for reading and math

    Hybrid teaching approach

    Early learning syllabus will have a mix of Montessori teaching techniques and student centered learning interventions

    Qualified Teaching Staff

    Our team includes qualified teachers in the field of early learning & child psychology.

    Child friendly classroom

    All our classrooms have an attached toilet facility and has all the necessary amenities and space to carry out interactive lessons

    Personalized record for each child

    Key incidents and learning will be tracked for each child and will be shared with the parents

    Exploration & outdoor activity time

    A weekly outdoor activity will be organized to ensure kids get a chance to explore and experience nature.

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    No 431/7 Havelock Road, Colombo 6